Free Online Tools

Colourful web buttons to illustrate free online toolsEventbrite: For organising events and ticketing. If you upgrade your free account, you can also take payments.

Doodle: For scheduling events, meetings, parties! Simple way to see everyone’s availability in one go.

Mailchimp: For sending e-news bulletins. Brand your own template. Upload spreadsheets of contact emails or type them in yourself. Provides code for people to sign up for your newsletter from your website and lots more!

Quackit: No need to know anything about html code – this website generates html code for you to embed tables and forms, with colour and font choices, into your website.

Surveymonkey: Gather feedback and comments with online surveys. Up to 10 questions are free, but you can make these go further with multiple choice questions.

Wordle: Make your own word clouds.

QR Code Generator: make your own QR code

Journalists’ Directory – search by name, feature or subject

Free websites and hosting

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